leadership4 (2)

I CHERISH being part of such an intelligent team. It is so easy to see the great potential that you all hold, and I will not allow myself or you to lose any of it.

A team like ours needs top-ranked leadership skills, and I will gladly put myself to the test.I’m here because I want to develop a legacy of good business paired with genuine human exchange.

I believe that good business and strong ethics are NOT mutually exclusive, and I highly value integrity, honesty, and knowledge.

Talent can be overrated. When not matched with hard, smart work, it often withers and dies.I will not let that happen here.

There is a world of opportunities for us-you know it-, and my plan is this: We won’t miss out. I passionately want to be a part of the potential you hold and I will not let you off easy. I will take you out of your comfort zone, and I commit to guide and support you.

We will make a difference and people will remember us.

I work best when I know the reason behind the endeavor. Please be gracious and take the time to convey to me your logic.

I do not have a crystal ball and they do not work anyway, so please come forward and share your concerns or questions with me. Help me do my job by keeping me and yourself informed.I value honest feedback, but I expect you pair it with relevancy and sensitivity.

We will make mistakes, and I expect you to be frank and mature about the ones I make. You will have my back as I’ll have yours for the best interest of the organization, and we will learn every day.

Synergy will empower us further and you will be the leader of your own actions.

Do not always expect immediate gratification, but you already know it is about so much more. However, I will take pride in every one of your contributions and achievements and will make them known.

In difficult situations, wisdom is not just a commodity it is the only viable option. We face a lot of those, and I trust you will be wise.

I will not compromise your health of your safety.

My family comes before work for me, and I understand yours does as well. However, keep in mind that our families need this organization to sustain and grow, and act accordingly.

We are a knowledge company, and knowledge is a gift that needs to be cultivated. If you are not committed, you will isolate yourself.

I value authenticity matched with diplomacy, but I have a declared aversion for hypocrisy. Be true to me and to others.

If you encourage silos then you will find yourself on your own. Guerillas are considered the enemy, and I do not feed egos, as I know they end up biting.

Demand proper follow up when I do not offer it.

Come forward and ask the questions you need answers for when I do not make my expectations clear,

Talk doesn’t cook rice, and I understand you will hold me accountable for my claims. I encourage you to do so.

They say leadership is a conversation. Let’s have a sincere and productive one. Walk with me for the talk.




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