If you’ve hit the wall, relax. There are so many of us out there that have experienced it.

Hitting the wall happens when you feel you can not advance as a professional anymore. A time when you have no clue what the next step is, or if there is a next step for you.

The wall can “happen” to everyone, even to some of the most successful individuals on earth. In fact, it is very common to hit the wall after a large success. How do you overcome the fear of having already made your biggest achievement?

On the other hand, it can also happen to people who’ve had survival jobs for…a while.

If you belong to either group, the following are steps you can take to overcome the wall and move on serenely with your life.

Read you history and give yourself some time to think. Ask yourself the following questions: What are the things youI have never had the chance to pursue fully? Why? What are the talents you have never put to work?

Do a formal SWOT analysis of yourself. An in-depth study of your strengths and weaknesses can translate into choosing some SMART goals, and really help initiate that advancement leap.

Talk to people around you. Some good friends or family members can help you put everything in perspective. Listen carefully, and if you don’t agree about the “raw” ideas, you can maybe find a tweak that suits you nicely.

Look into further formal education; if you’re not interested in higher degrees, you might be interested in getting a professional certificate that will open new opportunities for you. I’ve truly found that a Project Management Professional certificate was a nice addition to my professional profile, and a sound “turn” towards success in other areas.

Become a consultant. There are many people out there who would pay for educated advice drawn from many years of experience. However, it is a highly competitive field, and you”d have to use the competitive edge, as well as an enormous amount of persistence.

Blog. I’m not going to say more. You’ve read a hundred times about what blogging can do for you.

A last suggestion? Go after the wall with a club!

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