Cooking is an art that you can learn from for writing. I promise you.

Practice makes it…better. The more often you cook, the more likely you are to be a fine cook. You might have talent, but if you ain’t putting it to work, you ain’t keeping it. Period.

Personalize. Innovate. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You might be pleasantly surprised and even surprise others with the outcome.

It is often all about giving. Dedicated cooks become elated when others enjoy their meal, cooked with love. When you write, let your heart hum you the words, and excel in sharing them with others.

Accept criticism for the sake of improving. If they say it needs more salt, then let them have more “salt”

Add the cherry on top. Everyone looks forward to dessert. Leave the most exciting part for the end.

Keep them coming from more. Make it an experience, a delight that will garnish their loyalty.

Finally, Enjoy every minute of it. Even the re-work.



So now, what’s for reading?


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