Observing people’s “digital” behavior on Twitter is quite informative, and even entertaining at times. The following would be my lessons learned:

1- The first lesson I certainly would like to highlight is the 140-character rule. Indeed, I know that millions of twitterites and I struggle to get all that info –that we absolutely want to share- to fit the 140- character restriction. So, we all follow the rule of sacrifice: Only keep what you absolutely want to say.

Twitter character rule has taught us to focus on what really matters. A lesson for life.

2- What’s- In- It –For- Me mode is constantly turned on for most people. They will follow you for what you offer, so the quality of content and the extent of relevancy to needs and interests will determine- eventually – who follows whom. Bottom line? People follow you for what’s in it for them. (Then some do enjoy the digital proximity with the successful (aka rich?) and famous as well. Absolute celebrities are just a click away).

3- Even if you’re a high-profile individual; once you start frantically tweeting about your cat sneezing habits, a large portion of your followers are highly likely to unfollow you. Bottom line? What may be very important to you is not necessarily important for others. Adjust.

4- Simplifying the complex will garnish loyalty amongst your followers on Twitter. It is an art that clever people appreciate. Lose the jargon; generation X and Y have no time for that, and the rest of your followers did not download the Twitter mobile app to read gobbledygook. (Don’t you just love this word?).

5- The use of hashtags is almost necessary if you want to be re-tweeted (unless you’re Donald Trump). So speak #hashtag to your followers. Use words your audience can relate to.

6- Twitter followers are drawn to people who share knowledge. Don’t be afraid; Carrying knowledge and sharing knowledge are not mutually exclusive.

What have you learnt from Twitter?

Please drop a note.


Twitter: @RadhiaBenalia

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